"Outstanding product.
Promised a lot and delivered everything." - Emmanuel

"Absolutely Superb and nice design.Love it." - Rudi


The only jacket you’ll ever need. The Kickstarter record breaker 3-layer graphene integrated beast.

USD $349.00

Only a few left in stock!

"Just chiming in to say i think these are probably the greatest pants in the history of pants." -Akin

"These pants are really something special." -Argo

OMEGA pants

The worlds first graphene integrated pants, and the last pants you'll ever need

USD $349.00

"My GRAnaREC jacket is super soft and I use as a mid layer or as an outer layer almost every day. It’s like putting a pillow on, very cozy!" - Olof

"I received the GRAnaREC jacket about three months ago, and have worn it almost daily. Unbelievably light, unbelievably warm, and stylish, too. Fit is perfect." - Mark


The GRAnaREC (GRAphene + nano + RECycled polyester) sets a new standard in high performance synthetic mid-layer jackets.

USD $189.00

"Just came back from a skiing trip where the Layer-X was used and abused! It performed impressively good. Well done Graphene-X!" - Joe

"I've never seen a t-shirt wicking moisture away such as this one. Very pleased." - Stewart


A laser-cut, 100% seamless, graphene-engineered second skin.

USD $69.00

"Loved it! I used it for 66km straight, carrying a heavy pack in the sun on the MacLehose trail! It wicked the sweat away. I really like the material and the lack of seams makes it even better!" - Steve


From the lab to your every-single coming day. 100% seamless & laser-cut.

USD $59.00

Only a few left in stock!

"The most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn, if you haven’t already checked them out online I urge you to do so, if all you get are the socks I promise that you will love them." - Steven


Hiking socks, office socks, running socks, lazy socks, happy socks, party socks… Stop. We needed to stop this madness and developed the “All-Rounder” socks.

USD $28.00