Well, you have arrived at the right place. Reserve NOW your OMEGA pants paying USD $10 and get access to the following VIP benefits: 

  •   Get your OMEGA pants BEFORE Christmas. Limited Units. Normal delivery will be in April 2021.

  • Get a FREE Layer-X short sleeve t-shirt as an extra gift (retails for $49). You'll be able to add $10 later on the final survey to get the long sleeve if you prefer. 

  • Get 30% off the retail price (pay $249 instead of $349). 

  • Get access to the VIP backers group and be the first to get all the information on the new releases. 

  • SIZES: Available from XS to XXL. For now, just choose the size that you normally wear. On the campaign, we will have the detailed chart size with VERY clear videos for you to choose the perfect fit. You'll have to choose your final size after the campaign finishes (and in the case is not perfect you will always be able to exchange it afterwards).  

OMEGA pants Reservation

OMEGA pants Reservation

Out of Stock

IMPORTANT: To activate all these VIP benefits you need to purchase the OMEGA pants on Kickstarter on the initial 48 hours of the campaign. We will let you know once the campaign is live (October 6th) so you have 2 days to purchase and get these benefits. We have a very limited amount of units to be delivered before Christmas so hurry up!

Explanation: The first 48 hours of a Kickstarter campaign are crucial, and the bigger amount of pledges obtained can really make the difference for the rest of the campaign. This is why we are able to offer these benefits to the ones that support our campaign on the first 2 days after launch.