We are Climate Neutral Certified

We resolutely challenge the throwaway culture of fast fashion, committed to reviving the ethos of creating enduring products. Our conviction lies in the belief that true sustainability in fashion is achieved by crafting pieces that stand the test of time, with durability central to our brand's values. Since our inception, we've embraced a climate-neutral certification, ardently balancing our carbon footprint through offsetting measures. In this quest for a sustainable future, we invite you to join us, choosing quality that lasts over disposable trends.

Graphene X measured its Scope 1, 2, and 3 cradle-to-consumer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which includes all emissions from making and delivering their products and services. Small and medium companies self-attested to their measurement data, and large companies had their data verified by a third party.

We are Corporate Members of the Graphene Council

The Graphene Council was founded in 2013 and serves the global community of engineers, scientist and R&D professionals with an interest in graphene and related 2D advanced materials.

Today, The Graphene Council is the largest community in the world for graphene researchers, academics, producers, developers, investors, nanotechnologists, regulatory agencies, research institutes, material science specialists and even the general public.

We work exclusively with Graphene Council Certified producers

Research indicates that fewer than 5% of companies purportedly employing graphene in their products genuinely incorporate this material. In light of this, we at Graphene-X are committed to partnering exclusively with graphene suppliers who hold proper certification from the Graphene Council. Our perpetual quest of innovation and crafting of the best products out there demands collaboration with leading producers and the use of state-of-the-art materials.

Graphene-X is the official apparel supplier for The Graphene Council

In 2022, Graphene-X was honored to be selected by Terrance Barkan, Executive Director of The Graphene Council, as the official apparel supplier for the consortium. This accolade fills us with immense pride and serves as a reaffirmation of our commitment to continue producing premier apparel and gear. We interpret this recognition as a vote of confidence in our unwavering pursuit of excellence.