Why and how

Our ambition is to rise as a global brand in a manner that no other brand has ventured before. We have a firm belief in the potential of passionate individuals and the vast opportunities that collective intelligence can harness in our hyper-connected world. As a company that prides itself on its "backer-centric" philosophy, we are committed to investing where it matters most.

The Backers Board of Advisors (B.B.A) represents a pioneering initiative where actual backers join forces with the founders to propel the company towards goals that would otherwise seem unattainable. Our board last year included a diverse range of experts, from Nuclear and Materials Scientists to Digital Marketing maestros, Sustainability experts, and Strategic Advisors.

This unique setup runs for a one-year term (starts on April of each year), and the board can include up to 10 advisors, ensuring a conducive environment for meaningful dialogue. We welcome potential advisors from ALL backgrounds, provided you believe you can contribute significantly to Graphene-X's growth.

Intrigued? Click the button below and complete a brief 3-minute survey where we get to know the basics about you and understand how you believe you can enhance Graphene-X's value. We will then reach out to the most suitable candidates for this cycle's board.

There are immense opportunities for growth and improvement in numerous areas we are involved with at Graphene-X, after all, we are just 4-years old. Any expertise, from materials science, marketing, and logistics, to bio-technology and photography, can substantially contribute to our advancement, provided you are willing to dedicate a few hours each week to collaborate with the board.

When does each cycle starts?

At the start of April of each year.

How many advisors per cycle?
Is this role paid?
What will be the focus for the 2024 cycle?