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Each product is different - but you can see specifics on the materials used by expanding "Technical" on the product page.

Our discount codes have a few rules of the game:

  1. They're a fan of full-priced, regular-edition items.
  2. If it's a one-off or first-timer's code, you get to use it just once.
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Our quest for unparalleled adventure gear drives us across continents. We collaborate with cutting-edge production experts and ethically-driven manufacturers from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and even the US. Each piece embodies precision, passion, and craftsmanship. To pinpoint the origin of your specific gear, take a peek at the tag. It tells the tale of where your piece began its journey.

We strive for simplicity. If a piece isn't quite right, you've got a 30-day window to send it back or swap it out. All we request? Items returned should be unworn, unwashed, with their original tags, and in the initial packaging. While you cover the return shipping cost, if you're swapping for a different size, the shipping for the new item is on us. Consider it our way of ensuring your Graphene-X fit is just right.

Simply drop a line to our stellar support team at Provide them with your order number and let them know the reason for your return. They'll spring into action and guide you through the process. We've got your back!

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Before launching any product, we subject it to stringent quality tests to ensure it's primed for any challenge you might face. Our commitment is unwavering: to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and superior material quality in every piece we craft. Designed to excel, every Graphene-X product is a testament to performance and endurance.

When we mention "Lifetime," we're referring to the typical usable lifespan of the product, not your personal lifetime or an indefinite period. Every product has its own natural wear and tear cycle. Over time, materials will naturally degrade and show wear. Our guarantee revolves around this expected duration of performance, ensuring that your product functions optimally throughout its intended life span.

Experiencing peeling seam tape can be frustrating. Often, this issue arises due to improper garment care or washing at the wrong temperature. In other cases, it's simply the result of tape wear. Understandably, this can occur across various brands and as the fail point is out of our control, it can't be fully covered by the guarantee of the product.

Nevertheless, you have a couple of solutions at your disposal:

  1. Professional Repair: Seek out an expert in outdoor clothing repair. They can efficiently reapply heat-activated seam-sealing tape to your garment. While the premium service for retaping typically costs around $30, we at Graphene-X value your trust. Should you encounter this issue and it's verified by our customer support team, we'll offer you a $30 store credit as a gesture of goodwill.
  2. DIY Approach: If you're feeling hands-on, consider purchasing iron-on sealing tape from outdoor stores or online marketplaces like Amazon. This tape is compatible with both PU and three-layer waterproof garments. Before application, ensure the garment is clean and the seam area is free from grease. This will ensure a strong bond. For minor peeling areas, products like Seam Grip can help reseal the tape effectively.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Let us know how we can further assist you.

Rips and tears are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered by the guarantee. They are typically caused by accidents or mishandling. While most of our fabrics are engineered to withstand more than regular fabrics, there is always a possibility of breaking a fabric, as at the end of the day, it is still fabric.

Waterproof clothing with a membrane and DWR coating provides exceptional protection against the elements, but it's not a permanent solution. Over time, the DWR coating can wear off, and the membrane can suffer from abrasion, flexing, heat, or chemical exposure. To maintain the garment's waterproofness, good care of the product is essential. Some points of good care include: reapplying the DWR coating every few years or washing the garment less frequently. Storing the garments uncompressed, inspecting them regularly for damage, and promptly repairing any issues are also crucial for preserving their longevity. By taking these steps, you can extend the life of your waterproof clothing and continue enjoying its protective benefits for years to come.

1. Products displaying extreme wear or that have been altered by someone other than Graphene-X.

2. Damage resulting from mishandling, such as not following care guidelines, accidents, or damage caused by animals.

3. Returns motivated by personal factors not linked to the product's function, like changes in body weight or financial situations.

We're pleased to offer free shipping to the majority of destinations for orders totaling $189 and above. However, due to the fluid nature of global logistics, there might be certain countries that pose shipping challenges. While most of our products are eligible for this offer, some items, given their unique material or size, might incur additional shipping costs—even if your total cart value exceeds $189.

We proudly ship to almost every corner of the globe. The shipping rates depend on your destination and the weight of your order. To get a clear idea of the cost, these rates will be presented to you during the checkout process.

Please note that our prices do not include taxes. Any applicable import duties or taxes are the responsibility of the customer. If local customs imposes any charges and you opt not to pay, your order will not be delivered, and no refund will be provided under any circumstances. Ensure you're aware of your local customs regulations before making a purchase.

At Graphene-X, we are aware of the speculative narratives circulating in some online tabloids about graphene, including unfounded health concerns and outlandish theories regarding world domination, such as allegations of its inclusion in COVID-19 vaccines.

We understand that these stories can create confusion and concern, and we are here to set the record straight with facts and informed insights.

Graphene is a groundbreaking material that has the potential to revolutionize many industries due to its extraordinary properties. As graphene becomes more popular and its applications expand, it is natural for industries that may be disrupted by this innovation to react—sometimes by propagating misleading information. However, it's crucial to differentiate between speculative claims and science-based facts.

At Graphene-X, we use graphene that is meticulously extruded into the fibers of our products, forming an integral part of the fabric. This method securely embeds the graphene within the material, ensuring that it remains inert and completely safe for wear. The health concerns associated with graphene are primarily linked to inhalation of loose nanoparticles under laboratory or industrial conditions, a scenario that is irrelevant to its use in textiles.

We stand firmly behind our products, asserting that our graphene-integrated fabrics pose no risk to wearers. This confidence is backed by our adherence to rigorous safety standards and ongoing research into material sciences.

Our commitment is not only to advance fabric technology but to ensure that these advancements bring real benefits to our customers without compromising safety.