October 06, 2023 2 min read

In the pulsating heart of Hong Kong, where space is at a premium and the weather oscillates from tropical rain to icy office air, choosing the right outfit can be a daily puzzle. The urban jungle posed a challenge: How do you dress for the city yet be ready for spontaneous outdoor adventures?


While many brands crafted outdoor gear fit for the city, none truly embraced city life with a touch of adventure at its core. That's when I discovered graphene - a marvel of the materials world. Despite its promising attributes, integrating graphene into fabrics was uncharted territory for me, a wine export professional.

Launching a startup, especially outside of my domain, seemed a daunting task, especially as a new father prioritizing financial stability. Yet, passion was my compass. Alongside my wife, Claudia, I traveled tirelessly to find manufacturers who'd share our vision and craft top-tier apparel.

Our leap of faith was the debut of a graphene-integrated jacket on Kickstarter. This wasn't just a fundraiser; it was a litmus test for market viability. The response was beyond our wildest dreams, positioning our campaign amongst the top 0.3% in Kickstarter history. That euphoric moment was when I realized we were onto something transformative.


On this journey, advice from industry trailblazers like Peter Dering of Peak Design resonated deeply. He underscored the value of product over marketing, a principle that has since become the bedrock of Graphene-X. We believe in our creations so profoundly that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on everything we craft.

Fast forward four years, and we've embarked on seven more successful Kickstarter campaigns. Our business model remains true to its roots, prioritizing our community while expanding. Today, Graphene-X products are cherished in over 100 countries.

As we step into 2024, our horizon is vast. We're embracing cutting-edge materials, biotechnologies, and drawing inspiration from nature through biomimicry. Trust us when we say the best is yet to come.


With passion and gratitude,


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