LIMITLESS Backpack loadouts (Challenge) by Graphene-X

We are all unique, and so are our needs. Urban roadrunner? Adventure wacko? Photographer? All-round, always-ready toddler guardian? A combination of all the above? No worries, the LIMITLESS backpack excels at all of them. Here are a few reference loadouts to help you visualize the endless possibilities.

Check the ADVENTURE LOADOUT (NUMBER 3) and try to discern the number of Graphene-X elements incorporated in this loadout. Tell us which is your favorite loadout and make your best guess to participate. Game on.


Loadout 1: The urban roadrunner


Loadout 2: The "toddlers don't stand a chance" 


Loadout 3: The adventure wacko


  • 7 Graphene X products in the loadout! I’ve lived the 2 long enough and am transitioning to load out 1

    Jon Bryant
  • My best guess is 14 products 😁😂
    With two kids at home, Loadout 2 is the one for me.

  • 11 Graphene-X items

    Jose Garzaro
  • I miss read to pick my favorite load out so the adventure load out is mine I’m currently on my Alaskan motorcycle adventure and the limitless backpack would be the bomb.
    There are 5 Graphene-X elements in the adventure loadout

    Bryan Humphrey
  • I see 5 Graphene-X products and my favorite is the Graphene-X shirt. I love mine

    Bryan Humphrey

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