The Corps d'elite program was made to build a tight-knit community of the most obsessed, passionate, and driven adventurers, technologists and innovators in the world. We want to lead a revolution towards the highest performing, most versatile and sustainable clothing & gear, and testing our products in the most extreme and diverse settings is of essence.

Who We Are Looking For

The Corps d'elite embody the spirit of exploration, innovation, and resilience. We're seeking passionate Outdoor Enthusiasts and Adventurers who push boundaries in nature's toughest terrains, Tech and Gear Reviewers with a keen eye for cutting-edge technology, and Travel Bloggers/Vloggers who capture the beauty of diverse landscapes. Professional Guides with firsthand experience in extreme conditions, Researchers specializing in Material Science and Bio-Technology who appreciate the marvel of advanced materials and bio-based elements and processes, Photographers & Cinematographers portraying the essence of adventure through their lenses, and influential Community Leaders championing sustainable and innovative initiatives are all perfect fits for the Graphene-X Corps d'elite community.

What To Expect

As a member of Graphene-X's Corps d'elite, you won't just bask in the glow of performance-based incentives – though, those are pretty sweet. You'll also be the heart and soul championing our brand initiatives. Together, we'll supercharge our brand with the collective might of our global community of backers. And just to add a cherry on top of this high-tech sundae, we've assigned an in-house maestro, dedicated solely to ensuring your ambassador experience is stellar. So, are you ready to rock with us?


Discounts & Sponsorhips

You'll get a 30% off and a branded 20% off code for your audience. Also, selected sponsorships for life-changing adventures.

Sales Commission

Access to our referral program and earn 15% of total generated sales.

Profile & Field testing

You'll have your own profile on our site and depending on your content we will constantly spotlight you on our social media and bulletins. Also, you'll be eligible to test some our our unreleased products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for being chosen?

After you complete the sign-up form, we will review your information and social profiles. If our team believes you're a good fit for us, we'll reach out with further details.

How long are my Corps d'elite benefits valid?
What are the discounts mechanics?
Any guidelines?