Origins & North Star

When you look at the big names producing technical clothing you’ll see that all of them focus on outdoors performance.

While this makes sense (when you are in “adventure mode” you need clothing that protects you against the elements) it’s also true that most of our lives are spent in cities and that they can have some of the most dramatic ever-changing conditions in one same day. Temperamental weather changes that can move from nice and sunny to humid tropical storms in just hours, buzzing trains packed with people, freezing cold offices and coffee shops, bolt-like sprints to get that elusive bus, etc.

The thing is that people normally drag the same clothing meant to perform at the outdoors to the cities because of branding, not because of performance.

Revolutionary Fabrics

At Graphene-X we believe that there is a lack of clothing that is made to adapt and perform in the above-mentioned conditions, and beyond them. Everyday clothing that has its DNA in fabrics innovation and technology to work along with you, not against you, from the city to the wildest outdoor adventures.

North Star

Our North Star is versatility. Develop high-performance, versatile products. Every product we engineer and launch is built to replace and outperform more than just one alternative product, making your days simpler and better.

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