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The Hoodie-X pushes the limits of impossible to become the most advanced zip-up hoodie ever made.

Thermal management and protection against the elements in a reversible 3-layer fabric empowered by a futuristic membrane. On one side a soft graphene-integrated fleece that will keep you warm no matter what, in the middle, a membrane that combats the elements, and on the other side a proprietary nylon-based fabric that will keep you fresh when it's baking hot.

Engineered to last for the rest of your life, the Hoodie-X offers unrivaled comfort levels and extreme performance.


    • Features
      • Reversible with heat&cold management
      • Extremely durable & abrasion resistant
      • Graphene-integrated fleece
      • Highly water-resistant
      • Breathable
      • Windproof
      • Moisture absorption
      • Antibacterial
      • Anti-UV
      • Protective collar with laser-cut holes

    • Materials, Specs & Graphene
      • Warm Side: 100% Graphene-integrated polyester (150D/144F+75D) check fleece. Middle membrane: TPU membrane. Cold side: 88% nylon and 12% spandex (70/30 + 30DOP)
      • Weight: 900 grams (size M)
      • Graphene is integrated with the polyester on the fleece side

    • Care
      • Wash it properly, it’ll last for years and years
      • Close all zippers
      • Use a detergent for waterproof clothing (Nikwax recommended)
      • Do not use softener
      • Cold water
      • Use delicate cycle
      • Do not tumble dry
      • Dry in shade
      • Do not iron

    • Lifetime Guarantee, Shipping & Returns
      • At Graphene-X we don’t cut corners. That’s why all our products are guaranteed for life. Graphene empowers our products with unrivalled durability and versatility
      • All orders over $150 qualify for free shipping. Under that we normally charge 75% of the cost the courier charges to us
      • Didn’t love it or could use a different size? Send it back within 30 days of delivery and we will fully refund it or send you a new item

    • Pre-Order Mechanics
      • These are the different scenarios:
      • Case 1: If your order contains only Hoodie-X(s) then it will be shipped on May 2022
      • Case 2: If your order contains one or more Hoodie-X and also other products. If the sum of the other products is LESS than USD $150, then all the order will be shipped in May 2022
      • Case 3: If your order contains one or more Hoodie-X and also other products. If the sum of the other products is OVER USD $150, then all the other products will be shipped now and the Hoodie-X(s) on May 2022

    Why make it reversible?

    To achieve these key points:

    1. That it protected you against the elements (heat, cold, rain, wind, snow).
    2. Extreme levels of comfort (an uncomfortable hoodie is as good as diet water).
    3. That it could last a lifetime.
    4. That is was so versatile you could use it all year long.

    Graphene-integrated fleece

    Graphene is not only the strongest material on Earth, but it’s also the lightest. On top of this, it has other marvel-hero-like properties: It’s hydrophobic, bacteriostatic, flexible, it’s almost completely transparent and it emits a Far Infrared Wave (energy) incredibly similar to the one emitted by the human body, meaning its superb at retaining heat when it’s cold and to keep you fresh when it’s hot.

    This is the material we are empowering the fleece of the Hoodie-X with. Excited? You should.

    Beating cold

    On one face, the Hoodie-X features a Graphene-integrated grid fleece which when worn on the inside will keep you warm even in the coldest conditions. Graphene excels at radiating heat, and its Far Infrared (FIR) radiation profile is almost identical to that of the human body. That means it is exceptionally efficient at accumulating and retaining heat. Also, due to the bacteriostatic properties of Graphene the Hoodie-X will fight with no mercy the bacteria that generates clothing to smell.

    Beating heat

    On the other face, we integrated a state-of-the-art Nylon-based Ruco-therm fabric developed by the German manufacturer Rudolf. This fabric boosts long-term evaporative cooling with a depot effect. The fabric is incredibly soft to the touch and feels like nothing you have ever touched before.

    Ultra-high performance membrane

    Now, the thing is that we face not only cold and hot climates but also rainy, snowy, and windy settings. The only way to combat them as well was to integrate an ultra-high performance membrane (which is sandwiched in between the other 2 fabrics). To achieve this, the fabrics undergo a heat process so they feel like one heavy-duty fabric.

    Rain and wind will remain out

    The membrane used on the Hoodie-X is not only hydrophobic (so rain and wind stay out) but also incredibly breathable as it allows moisture vapor to escape flawlessly. Even though this membrane is classified as a 10k waterproof membrane (Hydrostatic head test) we define the Hoodie-X as a highly water-resistant hoodie. This is because of the reversible nature of the hoodie. The only way to keep 100% of the water out (seams) when exposed for long times in heavy rain is with taped seams (as the Alpha Series II Jacket). Nevertheless, the Hoodie-X will keep you bone dry in most situations.

    4-way stretchable and built to last a lifetime

    A hoodie needs to stretch. Comfortability relies on this...badly! and the Hoodie-X does exactly that, it stretches in a way you would never imagine you are wearing a 3-layered membrane-integrated fabric.

    Less stuff, but better stuff. This is part of our mission - and follows through into our guarantee terms. We work with the toughest material on Earth, with top-notch elements and with the best manufacturers in the world, and being the best and toughest in anything comes with responsibilities. All our apparel is guaranteed for life.

    Storage (a.k.a. pockets!)

    You can always use that extra pocket, right? On the Hoodie-X you get the 2 main frontal pockets, a chest pocket, and a secret/invisible cuff pocket.
    These pockets are accessible through either side of the Hoodie-X so no matter if facing cold or warm climates you'll get plenty of storage to secure your goods.

    Only the best elements and construction out there

    Waterproof zippers: The zippers on the Hoodie-X are waterproof. Yes, even the main frontal zipper.

    Heavy-duty draw cord: We used heavy-duty drawcords. A hoodie that will last for the rest of your life needs to have these. Insanely tough and easy to handle.

    Seams to last a lifetime: A key factor for durability are the seams. It's normally here where things go wrong and durability fails. Not on the Hoodie-X as seams are extra reinforced for extreme durability.

    High-neck with laser-cut air-flow holes: The Hoodie-X features a high neck design for extra protection. This high neck is enhanced with laser-cut air-flow holes so you never feel "trapped" on that beefy layer of protection.

    Treated with PFC-free Eco-Bionic DWR: In the outdoor industry, fluorocarbons (PFC's) are common in durable water-repellent coatings (DWR). Most DWR coatings contain PFC's that have been shown to be a hormone disruptor, like BPA. Not on the Hoodie-X, as our coating repels water with no added chemicals.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Beond Amazing

    My hoody arrived, wow guys. It is beyond amazing.


    Received in Seattle. I must say, it�s an amazing jacket, really love it. This will be my go to jacket for quite some time, all of my arc�teryxs are going back in the closet. I am really surprised with the quality and have become a fan of hoodie-X, sign me up for future products.

    Love it!

    Received my hoodie today. I really love it. I was actually surprised how much I like the look of wearing it fuzzy side out. I feel like I legitimately have two jackets.