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The Polo-X is a cutting-edge shirt with graphene integrated into every fiber. Empowered with the strongest, thinnest and toughest material yet discovered, every seam on the Polo-X is laser-cut and welded, offering unrivaled levels of comfort and performance by not using a single stitch in its construction.



    • Features
      • Laser-cut and welded seams
      • 100% stitch-less
      • Highly breathable
      • Antibacterial
      • Abrasion resistant
      • Hypoallergenic
      • Moisture wicking
      • Anti-UV
      • Total freedom of movement

    • Materials, Specs & Graphene
      • 90% Graphene integrated polyester and 10% spandex
      • Weight: 280 grams (size M)
      • Graphene is integrated with the polyester fibers

    • Care
      • Wash it properly, it’ll last for years and years
      • Machine wash in cold water with delicate cycle
      • Do not bleach
      • Do not iron
      • Do not wring
      • Do not tumble dry
      • Do not dry clean

    • Lifetime Guarantee, Shipping & Returns
      • At Graphene-X we don’t cut corners. That’s why all our products are guaranteed for life. Graphene empowers our products with unrivalled durability and versatility
      • All orders over $150 qualify for free shipping. Under that we normally charge 75% of the cost the courier charges to us
      • Didn’t love it or could use a different size? Send it back within 30 days of delivery and we will fully refund it or send you a new item

    At the pinnacle of versatility

    The Polo-X is engineered to offer unparalleled versatility. Imagine the most advanced technical tennis shirt ever made, which also looks like an Italian high fashion shirt in a formal meeting but which is the most comfortable piece of gear you have in your closet for when you hang out with friends and family. It's the only polo shirt to fit every bill and fit in on every occasion. All this - in one single shirt.

    Proprietary fabric

    Engineering the fabric for the Polo-X started with hundreds of iterations where the world's strongest and thinnest material, Graphene, was always at the center. The wonder material had to be perfectly isolated and then applied to enhance the rest of the fibres - leading finally to the high-performing and abrasion resistant proprietary fabric that builds the Polo-X.


    Copper and silver are becoming known - and used in fabrics - for their antibacterial properties. It’s less well known that Graphene has excellent antibacterial qualities too - but at Graphene-X we want to let the secret out. By integrating Graphene in the Polo-X we are putting an extra barrier of protection between you and the world that could inactivate 98% of bacteria and even kill over 90%of them even after being washed hundreds of times. If bacteria can't grow, then you get a shirt that can be worn day after day, workout after workout and still not start to smell.

    Ultra-high performance (and looks)

    The Polo-X could easily replace the most sophisticated tennis or golf shirt out there and at the same time look and feel like a high-fashion Italian shirt. By integrating Graphene into every fiber of the Polo-X, we’ve achieved a level of performance and comfort that makes merino wool and Supima cotton feel like a thing of the past.

    Fits like a glove

    A polo shirt should be slim fitting but not tight. Manufactured with cutting-edge laser cuts the Polo-X is straight-up one of the best fitting shirts ever made. And some traditional features just have to be there, however advanced your materials: we kept the classic side vents at the waist, so your shirt is comfortable whether it’s tucked in or not.

    Superlative thermal management

    Graphene excels at radiating heat, and its Far Infrared (FIR) radiation profile is almost identical to that of the human body. That means it is exceptionally efficient at managing and dissipating body heat. The upshot is that the Polo-X keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps you fresh when your body is working hard.

    Wicking moisture

    The Polo-X wicks perspiration away from your body, helping you to cool down when it’s hot but keeping you dry and warm when things get colder. And Graphene is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn’t absorb moisture but dries quickly, ensuring you can keep performing at your peak throughout your day.

    Subtle branding (you are not a billboard!)

    At Graphene-X we are proud to have some of the savviest backers and clients around the world. By knowing what Graphene is, you already belong to the 0.1% of the people who know the potential of this material.
    We want you to choose us because you have absolute confidence in our commitment to quality, performance, and innovation - and for this, we don't need to make your shirt a billboard of our brand.
    If you are looking for a design where the horse, crocodile or respective animal is bigger than the person wearing the shirt, then you are at the wrong place.

    Size Chart

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 77 reviews
    Robert Cockerill
    Height: 6’1” (1.86m)
    Body status: Athletic, Dadbod
    Size chosen: XL
    Fit: True to size
    So good, I bought 4 more

    The polo-x is a great piece of clothing, really comfortable, and everything Graphene-X tells us it is. I have had a number of compliments about it at work, including where I got it from. It's so good that I have bought 4 in both black and grey following my original Kickstarter contribution. I wear them most days now. Just brilliant, comfortable, and look smart as well as casual. I have "sort of nearly trim" dadbod and they look good; well I think so and given compliments received, I will take it. Just love them.

    Mark Nevelow
    Height: Less than 5’5” (1.67m)
    Body status: Athletic
    Size chosen: L
    Fit: True to size

    Polyester shouldn’t breathe like this material. I backed for two polos on Kickstarter, then ordered two more and two t-shirts from the web site. These are probably the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn, and they look great on, too.

    Gordon Douglas
    Height: 6’0” (1.83m)
    Body status: Dadbod
    Size chosen: XL
    Fit: True to size
    Soft and comfortable

    I really like this shirt - I have 3.