September 29, 2022 3 min read

Who would have guessed that you could make jackets out of graphene a few decades ago? Dubbed a “supermaterial,” graphene is found everywhere, even in pencils. But, where it truly shines is when you incorporate it into different types of clothing pieces. 

Graphene jacket styles vary and can include simpler cuts and fits and more detailed ones, like our 3-layer waterproof jackets. Read on for the whole rundown of the best graphene jacket styles you can find in our store. 

The Nomad(e) 

The Nomad(e) Jacket


Nomad(e) is the newest piece of Graphene-X’s jacket collection. It’s a hybrid that works as an emergency jacket, an E.D.C. (everyday carry) and a windbreaker. 

It is the lightest jacket in the Graphene-X collection, weighing only 260g (L-size) less than what a hamster weighs. The entire jacket is packable and portable and features a packable hood to make things better. 

Graphene is printed on the PU membrane, allowing high heat retention while protects all crucial organs from outer influences. The Nomad(e) sports a unisex cut, a reflective pattern and laser cut ventilation holes. It is also fully waterproof, which makes it a perfect choice for spontaneous adventurers.

The Alpha Series II 3L Jacket

The Alpha Series II 3L Jacket


The Alpha Series II 3-layer waterproof jacket is the go-to choice for all nature and adventure lovers. Even though it weighs significantly more than the Nomad(e) jacket, 750g, it’s still easy to wear and carry. 

The jacket is antibacterial, UV-resistant, breathable, fully waterproof and windproof. Unlike Nomad(e), it is not reflective and doesn’t have a packable hood. But the graphene in the jacket shell provides extreme durability and abrasion resistance. 

The Alpha Series II 3L can keep you warm and dry in the heaviest storms. Plus, it can be made into a heavy-duty jacket by connecting its internal zipper with the GRAnaREC Mid-layer model.

The GRAnaREC Mid-layer Jacket

The GRAnaREC Mid-layer Jacket


Like the Nomad (e), the GRAnaREC Mid-layer is lighter (490g), breathable, and self-packable. For a jacket, it packs a satisfying amount of storage though it is not waterproof and doesn’t have a reflective pattern as it's thought to work as a mid-layer.

On the other hand, it truly excels at its weight/warmth ratio. It has a superior insulation system that combines synthetic - recycled polyester - with graphene. Thousands of air pockets will keep you warm when you most need it. And since its insulation is not made of bird feathers, the jacket is animal cruelty-free and keeps performing even when exposed to rain. 

The Hoodie-X

The Hoodie-X


If you are in for jackets with sleek and mysterious designs, the Hoodie-X is a perfect choice. It’s the heaviest item in the collection, weighing up to 900g for size M. But, it’s the only reversible jacket in the collection. 

One side has a graphene fleece and will keep you warm, while the other has nylon-based fabric that will cool you during summer. In the middle, there is a membrane with superior performance. 

Even though the Hoodie-X is not waterproof like other jackets, it is still highly water resistant. It’s also breathable, windproof, moisture absorbent, antibacterial, anti-UV, and has reflective patterns. What’s best, it is 4-way stretchable and built to last a lifetime.

Graphene-X Collections: 3-layer Waterproof Jackets, Hoodies and More!

Graphene-X is at the forefront of a techwear revolution. Using a high-quality innovative material like graphene, we are pushing the boundaries of comfort and safety. Browse our collection of 3-layer waterproof jackets, pants, shirts, and more to upgrade your closet! 

We understand our role in society and the environment. We became a climate-neutral global brand with deep caring and passion for reducing animal cruelty. Our cutting-edge technology paves the way for the future of clothing - browse our catalogue today and shop with us! 

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